DN 500 Ready weld for annealing. Material X10CrMo

PWHT - Preheating during welding, Annealing.

Welcome to the website of our company. Our company offers you only the highest quality work in the field of heat treatment of metals - annealing and preheating. Annealing is a method of heat treatment of alloys, which aims to change the mechanical properties of the material caused by changing its microscopic structure at high temperature. Annealing is usually done in 3 steps: 1. The material is first heated to the prescribed temperature so that it is completely evenly heated.2. It is cooled to the annealing temperature and the prescribed time is maintained (isothermal treatment). 3. It is allowed to cool.

Heat treatment of metals and its documentation.

Every work must be documented in some way. So are the results of annealing and other heat treatments. The result is a flow chart in which all temperatures are recorded. Example Fig.1. Next, an annealing report will be issued.

Hardness measurement.

After annealing, a check is made to see if the material has reached the required properties. It is done so-called BY MEASURING HARDNESS. Our company also offers this service.

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