Preheating during welding, pwht slovakia and annealing

Your partner for heat treatment of metals.  PWHT.

DN 500 Annealing X10CrMoVNb9-10

post weld heat treatment.

Offer local annealing services for you. The

company MI-KU s.r.o. has been working for almost two decades on the territory, the whole of Slovakia, but also abroad. Services such as preheating during welding and subsequent braking, if required, is already a routine for us, so to speak. But as with any similar activity, there are things that will change that.

Post weld heat treatment device

Annealing devices for local processing.

Annealing devices for local processing are used when the product to be treated by such a pwht method cannot be transferred to the annealing furnace. These are usually pipes and wiring that are welded at the site of operation. We have annealing devices with an output of 415 kW. These machines can heat heat 49 welds at once. We are constantly working on modernization. 
annealing blankets


Annealing elements used for local heat treatment and other accessories.
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