Heat treatment of metals

Your satisfaction is our top priority. The advantage of our company is professionalism and many years of experience in heat treatment  - annealing and preheating. Our company has been providing services since 2001. Our professional staff are always available to help you. Together, we worked on the following constructions:


  • Humenné: repairing the boiler.
  • Elektráreň Vojany: reconstruction of the boiler.
  • Mondi SCP Ružomberok: construction of the part of the boiler and turbine of cellulose factory
  • Vodné dielo Gabčíkovo: reconstruction and its repair: canal lock, preheating,
  • Slovnaft Bratislava: annealing of part of distribution pipelines, construction of a polypropylene reactor.
  • JE Mochovce: repair of the turbine on the 1block, replacing the reactor rings, distribution pipes 3,4 block. 
  • Tepláreň Zvolen: repairing the turbine.
  • Brezno Industry,s.r.o: peheating of the weldments.
  • Duslo Šala: distribution pipes.
  • Dalkia Žiar nad Hronom: reconstruction of the boiler element.
  • Elektráreň Malženice: construction of the boiler.
  • Unicorn-ESK,s.r.o.,Tornaľa: annealing of the weldments.
  • Tepláreň Žilina: repairing of the boilers and pipes.
  • Elektráreň Nováky: Repairing cracks in the turbines.
  • SAM Shipbuildig and machinery: repairs and reconstructions in the Slovnaft Bratislava.

International customers:

  • Czech republic:
    • TOT Otrokovice: reconstruction of the boiler.
    • Elektráreň Třebovice: reconstruction of the boiler.
    • Elektráreň KO EPR ll Prunéřov: construction of boilers.
    • Mondi Štetí: repair of the boiler.
    • Elektráreň Ledvice: construction of the boiler.


  • Poland:
    • Lotos rafinery Gdaňsk: Construction of the polypropylene station.
  • Hungary: 
    • Elektráreň Mátrai Erémú: reconstruction of the boiler.
  • Latvia: 
    • Elektráreň Jelgava: annealing of the reheater.
  • Germany:
    • Kraftwerk Westfalen Hamm-Uentrop: annealing pipes for boilers D, E.
    • Kraftwerk Jänschvalde: annealing boilers B.
    • Mwl Apparatebau GmbH Grimma: annealing of the boiler body.
    • HIT Holzindustrie Torgau: annealing pipes.